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St Paul’s is a partner church in the West Bridgford and South Nottingham CAP Debt Centre. It is a charity in it’s own right, but one of over 300 centres set up in conjunction with Christians Against Poverty, (CAP), during the last 21 years. As well as providing financial support the aim is to also offer practical assistance in the day to day running of the centre. 

The CAP debt relief model is highly respected by over 1000 companies within the finance industry e.g. councils, utilities and mortgage companies,  who are happy to work with CAP because it’s model works!

A holistic approach is adopted, the aim being to look after not just clients finances, but their spiritual and welfare needs also.

If you would like to support the Debt centre financially, with it's running costs and CAP central fees, you can download the necessary documents from here. Please return the completed documents, as necessary, to the address at the bottom of the promise form.



Here's the latest West Bridgford centre - August News

Here's the Trustee's Report at the end of the first year

And here's the Partner Church's Letter

You can also find out more about Christians Against Poverty on their website here. or speak to Debbie Caine, the St. Paul’s CAP champion.

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