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Have you puzzled about how to do (often straightforward) things on your computer, tablet or phone - but the processes just seem too complicated? 

We may be able to help.

St Paul's Computer Club (stuff you do on a screen, laptop, tablet or phone) has been running for several sessions now and it's been able to help quite a few folk.

So we've added a set of dates you can see below.

Just "Drop-In" on any afternoon and "Peter and Tony" will do their best to help.

(They've been leading similar sessions in WB library in the last few years)

Here's the next Wednesday dates (2.00pm to 3.30pm) in Church.

Wednesdays on 8th January; 22nd January; 5th February; 19th February; 4th March; 18th March; 1st April.


The picture tells you all about the basis of these "drop-in" sessions

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