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Is St Paul's open?


We Currently have the following regular services:

Sunday 9:00am Holy Communion - Every Week

Sunday 10:45am Informal Worship - Twice a month

Wednesday 10:00am Holy Communion - trial on 4th August!

Church will be open during a service or prayer group. At other times it will be closed so that we can meet Covid secure requirements.

The door into church from the foyer will be locked.

If you have an occasional role in church and you need access to carry it out, (e.g. cleaning, sacristan, flowers), then you must log your entry and exit on the register by the sound desk and follow the hygiene and cleaning protocol. Speak to our wardens.

How are the halls open?

After a long absence, our halls have re-opened to our regular groups (such as pre-school, afterschool club and ballet), 


As part of safely returning to public worship, and safely allowing the use of our Hall spaces again, we have completed some careful Risk Assessments detailing how we meet and worship in a 'Covid-secure' manner.

Risk Assessments


With the introduction of the requirement to keep contact details for all those attending church,

we need to hold your written consent as we collect this information each week.

(Our existing data consent is not sufficient for the Covid requirements,

hence the need for an additional consent.)

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