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An update on homelessness in our communities - from the front line....

It is true - there has been an injection of cash to help support those who are homeless or facing a risk of it, the promise of continued funding for accommodation until the Spring is welcomed but there will always be people who slip through the net often due to the nature of the chaotic lives they lead or because they don't fit the criteria, such as not having recourse to public funds - i.e migrants.


Can you imagine what it must be like to be homeless, vulnerably housed or living hand to mouth at the moment; the services you might have once relied upon for support or a reassuring chat have had to close their doors, you may well have a roof and some food but it takes more than that to help get people back on track. 


I work on the front line with people recovering from drug and alcohol issues and I am continually told that it is still dire out there for some people. I support a  lovely chap who is a Big Issue seller and relied upon that income to make ends meet, he is in the shielding category due to his asthma but told me last week that even then, there is still not enough footfall in town to ensure good sales.


With places like The Friary and Emmanuel House doing their very best to ensure people's basic needs are met, I believe the community of St Paul's can assist their efforts.


Myself and my family organised for some socks and boxer shorts to be donated to The Health Shop a few weeks ago and the items flew out in 2 days - I have been asked repeatedly if I can get more. Whilst people are okay for meals, what is needed is clothing, underwear and food for the dogs!


All donations will be given directly to The Health Shop on Broad Street - an amazing organisation who are a Nottingham institution that you've probably never heard of. Quietly and humbly they are providing direct access to the people of Nottingham, including a daily needle exchange, blood borne virus testing, advice, support and treatment, vaccinations, sexual health clinics, the homeless health team and all-round well-being and health support. As a small team of team of nurses, clinicians, specialist practitioners, support workers and volunteers they work closely with churches and community organisations who support sex workers, the homeless, those who are vulnerable and any Nottingham city resident who needs them - they are the people that catch you when you fall, an all-round, remarkable, frontline team! Any donated provisions will literally be handed through the window directly to vulnerable individuals in need. Here is the wish list: 


  • Socks, boxer shorts and knickers  (new please)

  • Jogging bottoms and T-shirts (can be second hand)

  • Trainers and foot ware (can be second hand)

  • Non-perishable food items (think easy to carry in a rucksack i.e snack bars, chocolate, crisps, cuppa soup/noodles, drinks

  • Dog food

  • Anything you think could be useful...

Note: Clothes need to be small or medium sized - people on the street are often malnourished so clothes tend to be on the smaller size.


All donations can be dropped off at my house 3 Canberra Crescent NG2 7FL - very near St Paul's or Angela's house at 16 Malvern Road, NG2 7DG. Ring the bell or drop off in the porch.


I can also collect - please text me on 07503149230 or email


If you would like any more information on homelessness or substance abuse in Nottingham or want to know more about how you can help, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Thank you! Your donations will be handed out the very same week, they make a life changing difference.


With gratitude and love,

Izzy Harriss x

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