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Can you help us remember everyone

lost to COVID-19 with a heart?


In May 2020 we launched our #hundredhearts campaign, aimed at encouraging everyone to draw or make 100 hearts, with each heart representing a life lost to the virus.


As a community it feels really important to us to find a way of acknowledging all the grief and hurt that people are experiencing at this time. Unfortunately as the number of deaths rises we need hundreds of people to help us.


We want to enable people to grieve and to remember their loved ones, while normal funerals can’t take place. And to find a way to represent the enormity of this event in the story of our nation.



Can you make, draw, or create a hundred hearts for us? It's easy, if you're not sure what to do you just need an A4 sheet pf paper and some colouring pencils. Just draw a hundred hearts - it only takes a few minutes! Or let your creativity and imagination run wild, and see what you can create. Have a look below at some examples that have already been submitted, and see if inspiration strikes!


We want to display all of the hearts online and, when we are able, in the church building - as a tribute to those that have passed, but also to show that, as we believe, everyone who has died is a precious child of God.

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