St Paul's Parochial Church Council (PCC) is currently made up of our vicar, two churchwardens, one elected representative to our Deanery Synod (and one selected from PCC) and elected members of PCC.  An elected member will usually serve a three year term. 

PCC members 2021 - 2022:


Debbie Caine - Treasurer (Year 1 of 3 - to 2024)

Janet Coleman - Elected Member (Year 3 of 3 - to 2022)

Revd Tim Fox - Vicar (Clergy)

Charlie George - (Warden - Elected Annually)

Wendy Pearce - (Warden - Elected Annually)

Camilla Gilmore - Elected Member (Year 3 of 3 - to 2022)

Angela Harriss - Elected member (Year 3 of 3 - to 2022)

Maureen Hollins - PCC secretary (Year 1 of 3 - to 2024)

Ann Jordan - Elected Member  and Deanery Synod (Year 2 of 3 - to 2023)

Andrew Little - Deanery Synod  and Lay Chair (Year 2 of 3 - to 2023)

Ann Shepheard - Elected Member (Year 2 of 3 - to 2023)

Hugh Williams - Elected member (Year 2 of 3 - to 2023)


Annual Parochial Church Meeting 2022.

Our APCM will beheld on Sunday 3rd April at noon

The agenda for that meeting will be linked here.

Draft minutes of the May 21 APCM are here.

for the year ending December 2021

Each year, St Paul's produces an annual report.

This includes our accounts and our activities.


Our next PCC meeting will be on Monday 9th May 2022.

We will share the agenda just prior to the meeting



We aim to publish our PCC papers to this page

so that it's clear what has been and will be discussed, together with decisions made.

Minutes are always draft until approved at a subsequent meeting.

The agenda is drafted by the standing committee of Vicar, Warden, PCC secretary and Lay Chair.

Papers shared with PCC either ahead of, or tabled at a meeting, will also be posted to our website.


The minutes of the February meeting are linked here.

The March agenda is here

The summary finance position at 28 February 2022 is here.