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I do sometimes wonder whether we as Christians are aware of the fact that we are part of a story that is even bigger, even better, even more amazing and even more extraordinary than The Lord of the Rings; or indeed any other story we could care to mention (Not least because we believe that our story is true!) Our story is of course the great sweep of the Christian narrative, all the way from Creation, through the Fall, through the first whispers of God’s great plan of redemption, through to the story of the nation of Israel, and thence onwards into the Incarnation; the coming of Jesus, his ministry, death, resurrection and ascension, then the story of the early church, and then finally a great vision of the future, and of eternity.

As a church, and as individuals, we are caught up in this great story of rescue and hope, and invited to join our stories into it; to become part of God’s great story, to invite others to become part of it and to let it become part of us, and therefore to live with the hope of redemption and eternity planted deep within us. 

So as we move forward into 2020 I want to invite us all to engage with this story – the story of rescue that God invites us all to participate in. We are going to tell the story, gradually of course, over the course of the year. At various points during 2020, through our Sunday and Wednesday services, our small groups, and in other ways, we will recount this story, through all of its stages; the greatest story ever told!

Tim is writing on a regular basis and his letters can be found in his blog here on our website.

In addition there are some resources that might prove useful for both group and personal study:

1. The Bible Course.

An 8 week course produced by The Bible Society using video, discussion and bible reading that explores the whole bible narrative of God’s big story of redemption. For more information go to:

2. All Things New – Joining God’s Story of Re-creation by Revd. Pete Hughes. Strap line : "The story you live in is the story you live out."

Pete Hughes explores the story of renewal through God's grace.           

You'll see more of how God changes culture through Christians.

By exploring God's character and His mission revealed throughout the narrative of Scripture, All Things New inspires and equips the reader to join the story and be agents of cultural renewal to the world around us. God is on a mission to make all things new: from the fashion industry to the business community, from politics to education and from entertainment to media and the arts. God's burning desire is to bring restoration to every sphere of society.

Starting in Genesis and working through the Scriptures, All Things New will take you on a journey into the very heart of God and His relentless passion to redeem lives, heal the nations, rewire the culture, and bring renewal to all of creation. As we immerse ourselves in the greatest story ever told we find our ultimate sense of belonging, our purpose in the present and our hope for the future. We become actors in this unfolding drama, pushing forward God's purposes for the world and joining his mission to make all things new.

In reading All Things New, we are given an opportunity to dig deep into the biblical narrative and explore some of the key themes that emerge from the story. It unpacks how we can join in God's mission to bring Kingdom transformation to our surrounding culture. As we embark on a journey from Genesis through to Revelation exploring the character of God and his mission to bring restoration to the world He so loves, All Things New will leave us feeling equipped to be agents of cultural renewal in every sphere of culture.

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