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A message from Revd Hilary Smart.

"It was a joy and privilege to lead 15 folk from here at St Paul's on a 48 hour residential retreat at the beginning of November 2019.  For many it was their first experience of any sort of retreat and there were a few flutters of apprehension.  However, there was a real sense of God's presence and very positive feedback. 

A couple of comments from participants - 

" I really wanted/needed to be feel closer to God....for me the retreat helped me enormously in this....I do feel so much closer to him and also much more at peace within myself. "   

"A wonderfully special time to be still with God and with each other." 

I know there were one or two people who would have liked to be there but for whom  midweek or those particular dates were impossible, so I am repeating the retreat in July 2020 as follows:

Whaley Hall for 17-19th July.   Cost will be  £160   Transport will be sorted between us.  We will be the only group in residence.  It is  in Whaley Bridge in the Peak District.   Theme of the retreat is Praying Mark's gospel.

Please contact Hilary for more information or to book.

 (St Paul's has a small bursary fund available to help those for whom the cost is difficult.)

Hilary's  phone   07891425421      email

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