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See how you can get involved at St Paul's


We have lots of ways to volunteer, whether it be helping with our young people, acting as a sidesperson, doing a reading, joining the band or the projection and sound team or helping on the coffee rota.


There is always a way to get involved at St Paul's, get in touch with Tim if you would like to volunteer with us.


If you normally give to St. Paul's via the plate each week and wish to do so whilst services are paused you can do so via our account. You can use this to make any one off payment you might like to make in response to the review. Many thanks.

(Whilst we are known as St Paul's Boundary Road, our official title is the Church of St Paul in the parish of Wilford Hill and are known as such by HMRC for Gift Aid purposes. Hence our giving page refers to St Paul's Wilford Hill and is the correct page to use for your gift to us.)


There are always ways to help in the church. Do you have a skill or passion that you believe to be an asset to the church?


Get in touch if you have an idea of how you can help or even if you don't and would like some guidance as to where your skills are needed.



Please note whilst worship services are paused please respond to our giving review either by using the secure form below, which can only be viewed by Ian Robinson, our Gift Aid secretary, post your envelope back to church, or drop into the black post box to the right of the main church doors. If you have a query please email Ian.

Please note:

1. For existing gifts we will assume any Gift Aid declaration you have is still valid unless you advise otherwise.

2. Please complete all fields in the form, other than the optional comments field, otherwise you will not be able to send it. 

3. You should forward any revised bank standing order mandate directly to your bank or set the payment up online as appropriate.

Thank you.


Thanks for submitting!

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